Cocopeat or Coir is a natural and organic product derived from Cocos nucifera Palm. It represents the latest technology in substrates for all crops, especially in hydroponics, although also used with spectacular results for rooting (seedlings and cuttings), cut flowers, ornamental and forest nurseries, hydro seeding and soil improvement in gardens and sports fields.

  • 7 Cocopeat substrates

    ESPAFIBRAC produce seven grades of substrate with different particle sizes and percentages of fiber producing mixes for any crop.

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  • 6 formats for sale

    Choose from blocks, briquettes, grow-bags, plank, open bags, discs, granules, and shrink wrapped materials.

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  • Production Centers

    The company has several factories for processing the cocopeat in India (GreeNeem Agri. Pvt. Ltd. And Harvel Cocopeat). Also another production center located in Spain.

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  • Presence worldwide

    ESPAFIBRAC has a network of distributors in countries around the world for attending international markets and also for local market in Spain.

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Cocus nucifera

Learn how we manufacture our cocopeat substrates

Cocopeat is an organic medium obtained from the husk of the coconut fruit. From this raw material (Husk), a five phase’s process is beginning to finishing in a cocopeat substrate. These phases are: decorticate, washing and composting, drying and sterilization, screening and pressed and finally packaging, all under sanitary control, to be exports to worldwide in containers.

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